SphereCel | Balsa | PP Honeycomb core | Composite Panels | Foam core and a lot more

Carbon Core Europe GmbH is an internationally operating company in the field of composites located in Moers / Germany. Our core business is offering a broad range of core materials for light and rigid sandwich constructions e.g. SphereCel (laminate bulker for open and closed mold processes, based on non woven textiles), PP Honeycomb panels with film and veil, sandwich panels with PP Honeycomb core and glassfiber-reinforced skins (gelcoat, thermoplastic, anti-slip etc.). Furthermore we offer Balsa in rigid and flexible version, PVC foam (with various finishes such as plain, perforated, grid-scored, with grooves, double-cut etc.), fiber-reinforced foam panelscarbon fabrics and PAN surface veil.

SphereCel / carbon fabrics / PAN veil

Balsa / PP Honeycomb panels / PVC foam