SphereCel | Balsa | PP Honeycomb core | Composite Panels | Foam core and a lot more

Carbon Core Europe GmbH is an internationally operating company in the field of composites located in Moers / Germany. Our core business is offering a broad range of core materials for light and rigid sandwich constructions e.g. SphereCel (laminate bulker for open and closed mold processes, based on non woven textiles), PP Honeycomb panels with or without covering layers, Balsa in rigid seal-coated and scored, various types of foam (also perforated, scored, als fiber reinforced panels) as well as laminated panels, in thermoplastic or thermoset configuration, robotic painted or gelcoat finish. SphereCel laminate bulker are made in the USA and exclusively distributed by us on the European market.

laminate bulker

sandwich panels