sandwich panels

PP Honeycomb, Balsa und foam are basic materials for light and rigid sandwich panels. Which material is most suitable for your application depends on the required laminate properties. Those could be low weight, high impact strength, thermal insulation, longterm stability, sound and vibration damping, water resistance, chemical resistance, shear strength and many more. Most of these basic materials can be supplied with additional fiber reinforced layers on both sides.

PP Honeycomb

Panels made of extruded, thermally bonded profiles from tough, versatile polypropylen; also available with non-woven polyester bonding scrim and PP barrier film

Standard sizes of raw panels: 2.440 x 1.220 mm

Dimensions up to 2.440 mm width and 13.000 mm length possible


For sandwich constructions requiring low weight, high compressive strength, vibration and sound damping and longterm stability

  • mainly for flat components; but also available as scored panels to make two-dimensionally shaped parts
  • Fiber reinforced honeycomb panels with painted surfaces available
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Light core based on renewable raw material


Standard size: 1.200 x 600 mm; thickness: 6-50 mm

  • excellent compressive strength and stiffness
  • good laminate bonding
  • good thermal and sound damping
  • scrimmed and scored version available for making two-dimensionally shaped parts
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Very light sandwich panel core made of:

  • PU (good thermal insulation)
  • PVC (high mechanical properties)
  • PE (cost-effective)

Standard sizes: 2.400 x 1.200 mm; thickness: 4-100 mm


Fiber reinforced PU panels with specific weight of 0,24 – 0,4 g/cm³ available (sizes: 11.900 x 3000 mm; thickness: 13-100 mm)

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